the freedom to secure your art

SmartSecure allows you to increase the security of your authenticity certificates for your artwork.

The concept is simple : pic’ your documents and upload them, using our own blockchain technology we will provide an unbreakable reference for your work in order to certify it for ever!


Simplify your artworks authentication for free while developing your visibility

Art Professional

With one click, safely manage your art portfolio by checking your transactions authenticity

Art Collector

Check the authenticity of your piece of collection in realtime

Benoit Baratas  -  Photographer

“Soon this will be updated with more information about this super cool project. Stay tuned!”

Zilda  -  Plastic Artist

“SmartSecure brings me additional credibility to gallerists”

Leon  -  Street Art Collector

“This disruptive platform offers me to manage safely my portfolio. It guarantees the authenticity of my artwork collection”